Today in class, this guy was talking about how when he went to Europe last year, he had told his taxi driver that he was from Texas and the taxi driver was like woo where did you put your horse when you went to the airport?

Like do people out of the United States really think here in Texas we ride horses everywhere?!



supernatural episodes that need to exist

  • slenderman
  • genderswap
  • angels in heat
  • de-aging
  • team free will trapped in fairytale universe with all the brutal original tales
  • human!impala 
  • bonus points if the impala is a dude 
  • and demands dean continue to call him ‘baby’
  • Cas turned into a kitten
  • sam and dean bodyswap
  • musical
  • bonus points if it’s a resurrected Gabriel sticking Team Free Will in the musical